Practicing kite-sit and kitesurfing Barcelona

kitesurfing barcelona

Barcelona is ideal for water sports, including kite-sit and kitesurfing  Barcelona, offers the main benefit of being a city with a temperate climate and enjoys many days a year of moderate to strong winds. There are several beaches where people can surf safely.

Keep in mind that legislation restricts the practice of kitesurfing in Barcelona from June to September, to ensure the safety of swimmers since the beaches are very crowded in these months

You can find Kitesurfing Barcelona spots at the following beaches.

Base náutica (Barcelona capital)

Badalona (C.N. Bétulo) (Badalona)

C.N. Castelldefels (Castelldefels)

Cabrera de Mar – Palomares (Cabrera de Mar)

Cubelles (Cubelles)

Malgrat (Malgrat de Mar)

Mataró Nord (Mataró)

Montgat (Jimmy Beach) (Montgat)

Vilanova i la Geltrú (Vilanova i la Geltrú)

WAP – Bellamar (Premià de Mar)

La murtra (Viladecans)

Where to go kitesurfing in Spain


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