In compliance with the information in Article 10 of the Society Services of Information and Electronic Commerce Law 34/2002 of July 11, below the following facts are reflected:

The title of this website is “KITE-SIT”, with the address of c/Tamarit 134 1o 2a 08015 Barcelona, Spain, and email address

The information contained at constitutes an informational service of diverse services and content that “KITE-SIT” offers principally to their clients in the commercialization, distribution and publicity of the new boat Kite-sit in all domestic and international territories.


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that can be found at any time on the website.


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The user, only and exclusively will be able to use the material that appears in this website for their own personal and private use, commercial use or inclusion in illegal activities remaining prohibited. All derived intellectual property rights are expressly reserved by “KITE-SIT.”

“KITE-SIT” will protect the fulfillment of the aforementioned conditions and in order to use the content presented in its website, exercising all corresponding civil and penal actions in the event of incompliance of these rights by the user.


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The collection and mixed use of personal information is primarily for third party applications purposes and the maintenance of their relationship established with “KITE-SIT”, such as paperwork, administration, information, presentation, and content and service improvement.

“KITE-SIT” has taken the necessary technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee the security of personal information and to avoid its alteration, loss, use, or unauthorized access, taking into account the nature of technology, the nature of the data collected, and the risk of its exposure, coming from human, physical or natural actions. They will take the necessary technical and organizational measures to fulfill basic security objectives, such as: confidentiality, limiting information access to unauthorized persons, integrity, maintaining reliable and quality information, availability, guaranteeing access to the Information System by authorized users.


“KITE-SIT” is not responsible for possible harm or losses that can occur as a result of using content on the website, the user being exclusively responsible for the same.

In the same sense, “KITE-SIT” is not responsible for possible losses that can occur as a result of using an outdated or defective browser, connection interruptions during the transmission of facts, computer viruses, breakdowns or disconnections in the telematics system function, blockages caused by deficient or overloaded telephone lines, and harms caused by third parties by unauthorized interruptions.

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“KITE-SIT” reserves the right to include or withdraw from the website, completely or partially, any information at its exclusive discretion.


For all questions that may arise as a result of performance or any breach of these terms of use, users, waiving their own jurisdiction, regardless of where any dispute arises, matters are expressly subject to the competence and jurisdiction of the courts of Barcelona.

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