Seated kitesurfing with kitesurfing kite

kite-sit con cometa kitesurf

Kite-sit using a kitesurfing kite is a similar discipline to kitesurfing, but is practiced sitting, a kitesurfing kite is used which has the advantage that you can practice with less wind, or smaller kites as they don’t need to generate as much speed due to fact that the kite does not have to lift the weight of the pilot, this is the job of the board, which means that it is possible to go at very slow speeds and even to stay still. It is ideal for people who want to go for a gentle sail, enjoy a pleasant outing on the sea and even if you do not want to use the kitesurfing kite, you can still go out using a paddle as you can see in the variation rowing kite-sit.

For lovers of speed and jumps, you don’t need to worry, this is also just right for you, you can practice the race and freestyle variations.

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