Kite-sit with kayak paddle


Kite-sit with kayak paddle

This style is perfect for both kayakers and for practitioners of kitesurfing and kite-sit.

For practitioners of kite-sit, who are always in tune with the wind speed, when there is no wind, a kayak paddle is ideal to avoid running out of sailing opportunities.

A kayak paddle does not take up much space and even less if it can be dismantled and we can save the day. It gives us an alternative way to enjoy the sea by practicing the sport of rowing, which is also a lot of fun.

For kayakers, having a kite-sit also has many advantages, it offers the possibility of having an easy boat to transport and store, a vessel which can be dismantled, which occupies and which weighs very little.

Piloting the kite-sit with a kayak paddle is very similar to open kayak but because the kite-sit is smaller, it is much more dynamic.

Although the kite-sit much smaller than a conventional kayak, it is wider and so offers greater lateral stability and being shorter, offers more agility in rotation, making it easier for the pilot to make quick maneuvers.

The kite-sit with kayak paddle are manufactured in rotated plastic molded polyethylene and the two hulls are divided into separate air chambers so that in case of puncture only one only one compartment would be filled

Many kayakers are buying a kite-sit as a complementary boat because of its advantages in terms of storage, transportation and more agile piloting.

It is also ideal for beginners who are looking for a stable, simple, affordable and easy to handle boat.


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