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Kite-sit and kitesurfing – have a lot in common, mainly that the two are practiced with a tow from a kite, but at the same time the two styles are also both very different.

Differences between buying a kitesurfing or kite-sit:

The Material:

Both forms use kitesurfing kites, but kite-sit can also be practiced with a kite of a smaller size.

In kitesurfing a board is used, it has little weight and is easy to carry.

In kite-sit a kite-sit boat is used, it is like a mini catamaran minimalist and consists of 2 floats a saddle and a footrest, it is designed for easy transport, assembly and disassembly.

In this case the kitesurfing is much more portable than the kite-sit.


The kite-sit is much more versatile than the kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is practiced standing and does not float by itself, hence it requires a certain speed and navigation, making it a sport for lovers of speed and tension.

By contrast kite-sit can be practiced without reaching very high speeds and you can even stand still, making it a practical sport for the whole family, people can surf quietly and just relax or if you want you also can seek out speed and action like in kitesurfing.


Another advantage of kite-sit, is that if you come across a day where there is little wind, you can always keep the kite and surf with a paddle.

As we can see, they are similar sports, but with their differences, so we recommend people buy kitesurfing and kite-sit, as their differences make them fully complementary anyone who practices kitesurfing or kite-sit can can practice the two styles perfectly, considering that it is more easy to adapt to kite-sit, because it requires less skill than to balance standing on a board.

Kite-sit can be bought in the same shops as you visit to buy kitesurfing.


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