kite-sit: kitesurfing seated

The birth of a new form of Kitesurfing.

Kite-sit, like kitesurfing, is practiced with a tow from a kite.

It is a boat inspired by catamarans, minimum with dimensions for easy handling and is managed using the displacement of the body and ensure buoyancy while supporting the weight of the pilot.
kite-sit detachable

Main features:

The Kite-sit is a minimalist boat formed of 2 floats, a saddle and a footrest and designed for easy transport, assembly and disassembly. It is made of rotomoulded polyethylene plastic, but may also be made of fiberglass. Or in competition according to the specific form, such as freestyle the kite-sit may be made carbon fibre, to have the minimum weight for jumping and figures in the air.

The kite-sit is designed to sail being pulled by a kite, but can also be used with an oar or even a motor.
kite-sit with kayak paddle

As previously mentioned, it is handled using the counterweight of the body, so it is not equipped with rudder.

The fact that the kite-sit floats while supporting the weight of the pilot allows us to navigate at low speeds or even stay still without sinking means that it can be practiced for play and relaxation, as a sport for the whole family, while the bold can look for speed and adrenaline.

kite-sit photo
The kite-sit can be found in the same shops as you would visit to buy kitesurf products.

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